Elements Salon and Spa - "We're Down to Earth"

Nail Services

Buff & Polish   fingers OR toes                                                    $13
File-Buff-Polish                                                                          $16

Short & Sweet Manicure                                                                    $20
File-Buff-Cuticles-Cuticle Oil-Polish
Spa Manicure                                                                                $24
Soak-File-Buff-Cuticles-Massage-Scrub-Cuticle Oil-Polish        

Specialty Nails

All Include Soak-File-Buff-Cuticles-Polish

Renewal Manicure                                                                       $28
Alpha hydroxy Mango Peel-Replenish vitamins & essential oils
exfoliation-hot towels-cuticle oil-massage                                      

Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub Manicure                                               $28
 warm cane sugar scrub-hot towels-cuticle oil-massage   

Grapeseed Oil & Paraffin Manicure                                                $35
exfoliation-hot towels-oil massage-paraffin                                       

Youth Manicure                                                                          $35
buff brush-pomegranate & acai warm scrub-                                 hot towels-grapeseed oil-mask-massage                                                                

Gel Polish Manicure ~Shellac~                                                       $35 Massage-2 Week Gel Polish                                               

Gel Polish Removal w/ any mani                                                 $4+
Gel Polish Removal includes service Buff-Oil                              $10+

Short & Sweet Pedicure
 30 mins $30               Add Callus Removal    $6

Scrub Pedicure
~Choose Your Favorite Scent~
File-Buff-Cuticles-Scrub exfoliation Massage-
Callus Removal-Lotion-Polish
55 mins $46

Deluxe Spa Pedicure
File-Buff-Cuticles-Scrub Massage-Callus Removal-Leg & Foot Circulation Mask-Hot Towels-Extended Foot Massage-polish
80 mins $75

Circulation Mask
Drive essential oils & moisture into the skin with a deep cooling mask
10 mins $10

Heel Paraffin $10


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